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Parachute Prayer: For Finders of Lost Belongings

I have a new Parachute Prayer for you today. When you lose something, pray for the person who finds it.

I’m not talking about when you lose something around the house that will eventually turn up. I’m talking about when you accidentally leave your jacket at a restaurant or a book at the doctor’s office or a tote bag at the library.

I did the latter yesterday. I have a tote bag I use for my library books. It’s kind of fun, made for book-a-holics like me. Using it makes me smile, though I would never light a candle on a bookshelf. That’s just asking for serious trouble!

At the library’s return desk, I emptied the old books out of the tote bag. When I checked out some new books, however, there were a lot of people waiting. I grabbed books, bag, and purse and hurried out. At least that’s what I thought I did.

When I got home, I placed books, bag, and purse on the table. At least I thought I did. But when I went to put these things away, the tote bag wasn’t there. I looked all over for it. I thought maybe it had fallen off the table and the puppy dragged it off. She wasn’t talking. The tote wasn’t in any of her usual hiding spots. I realized I must have dropped it at the library. This made me feel kind of sad.

So I decided to pray for its new owner, and I asked God to make sure that it ended up in the hands of the person who needed it most and that that person would be blessed by the find. I continued to look for the tote throughout the day whenever a new possible place for it popped into my mind. When the place turned out to be empty, I prayed another prayer for the finder of my tote. I also felt thankful that God had given me someone new to pray for.

This story has a happier-than-that-ending though. I went back to the library this morning. The person I was praying for had turned in my lost tote bag. The librarian was happy to return it to me. Perhaps the person who most needed that tote bag for this time is me; I definitely feel blessed by its find. Yet I’m appreciating the reminder that stuff is just stuff is just ours for a time until it wears out or moves on to someone else.

It’s also possible that the finder of my tote bag needs a little extra prayer. Maybe God used the tote bag to give that job to me! From now on when I use my lost-tote-bag-found, I’ll whisper a Parachute Prayer.

Father, thank You for prompting someone to turn in my bag. I am thankful to have it back, this little luxury. Please send an extra blessing to the kind and thoughtful person who helped return it to me. You know who he or she is and what he or she needs. Please provide as only You can. I thank You, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Reader, Writer, Runner, Flower Hunter, Child of God, Prince Charming's Wife, Mom Prone to Cheer