Praying for People to Reach Their Potential in Christ

Parachute PrayerHere’s a Parachute Prayer for Spring! It’s related to my post from last Thursday. If you missed that message, click here to read what I said. Sadly, the flowers I was watching so earnestly never opened up. One shriveled into a gruesome mass of purply-brownish blue overnight. The other is holding its shape, yet fading quickly, obviously drying up. No hope. It never really rained, but the weather did turn gloomy. Just enough to keep the flowers from reaching their potential.

Today’s Parachute Prayer is for potential. Whenever we see a flower getting ready to bloom, let’s pray for those people we know who are on the brink of such a bloom themselves. These people could include children, high school and college students, people embarking on new careers or entering a new phase of life–the empty nest, a relocation, or retirement. We can also pray for newborn Christians discovering what it means to live for Jesus and discovering His purposes for their lives.DSC01411e

As I mentioned on Thursday, life is fragile and unpredictable. Each person’s salvation is what matters most of all. Yet God has plans for each person’s life. Let’s ask God to give each person all he or she needs to mature, bloom fully, and bring glory to His name.

Father, thank You for Your care and provision. You have a plan, but You’ve given us freedom of choice. Provide all we need to become the people You mean for us to be, then help us to use those resources wisely. Thank You, Lord. Amen.