Book Review: “Women are Scary”

Women are ScaryI think I would enjoy being friends with Melanie Dale. I’ve had a few friends like her. You just never know what they are going to say—something that makes you laugh, something surprising or shocking or just a little bit inappropriate, something totally profound in its simplicity. They have hearts of gold, love people before they even meet them, and don’t hesitate to let you know just where you stand—which is usually in a pretty good place with them.

That’s what makes Melanie the perfect author of her new book, Women are Scary: the Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding New Friends. Melanie twists the familiar analogy of rounding the bases while dating to help readers understand how to deepen friendships—from being general acquaintances at the bus stop to becoming lifelong friends.

I chose this book to review after stumbling across a few of Melanie’s blog posts about motherhood. They were so funny, I wanted to read her book—especially after seeing that title! I’ll admit I wasn’t entirely comfortable with some of the ways she chose to make her points, but I couldn’t help but keep reading to see what she would come up with next. Her advice on building friendships is sound, and the book was full of light-hearted fun. Melanie admits that she’s an introvert pretending to be an extrovert, so her advice will appeal especially to this crowd.

I received a complimentary copy from Zondervan in exchange for this honest review.


Book Review: “Soul Friends”

Soul Friends“You have been invited into deep-spirited, soul-altering friendship, into a communion with the sisterhood of traveling saints walking the Jesus journey all around you.” –Leslie Parrott

This beautiful sentence from the benediction of her new book, Soul Friends, is the purpose of the book: to invite its readers into this friendship, this communion with the sisterhood of saints. After reading it, I feel as if I’ve been to church again this week. I feel inspired to go forth and get to know some of my sisters much better (aptly timed since I’m moving again this year and need that little bit of extra inspiration to boldly join another new community). This book has encouraged me!

In its pages Leslie explores four phases of our life journey, phases we’ll grow through repeatedly. In fact, we may even be in more than one at a time. Yet her collections of essays in each of these four sections of the book help readers recognize and understand each phase. They also show how friends and family members influence each other, consciously or sub-consciously, through each phase. We’re connected, and God uses those connections, when we let Him, to draw us all closer to Him.

Leslie’s personal stories, Bible references, and quotes and stories from Christian women throughout history all worked together to convey her message. Her choice of The Message version of the Bible was perfect because of the poetic nature of the book. Her frequent references to Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends added an extra touch of fun.

I recommend this book to women of any age who want to grow closer to God while building stronger relationships. This is one I’ll read again soon!

I thank Zondervan for sending me a complimentary copy in exchange for this honest review.


The Ultimate Blog Party 2014!

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