Book Review: “The Bones Will Speak”

The Bones Will SpeakI just finished reading my first Gwen Marcey novel. The Bones Will Speak is actually the second book in this series by Carrie Stuart Parks, but it stands alone. (There were a few references to Gwen’s previous case found in A Cry from the Dust, but I don’t think these gave anything too significant away. I still plan to read the first book.)

I don’t usually compare books to television, but The Bones Will Speak could have been a cross between Criminal Minds and Longmire. Abandoned by her husband during a bout with cancer, Gwen Marcey lives in Montana with her teenage daughter. She works as a forensic artist whenever the local police department can afford to hire her and doubles as a profiler just because they need her to and she can. Technically, Gwen’s not on the case in this book, but the serial killer is after her . . . her daughter . . . and her dog. With the help of her best friend, Beth, a lady with a love for serious research, Gwen must solve the case to save everyone she loves.

Fans of detective and suspense stories will love this book. I received a complimentary copy from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for this review.


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