Praying for Those Taking Final Exams

Parachute Prayer PostDepending on where children live and what grades they are in, finals week can start as early as today (maybe earlier—I’m already seeing graduation pictures on Facebook!) or as late as two months ago. Regardless, it’s finals season! So let’s start praying for our kids—whether they’re our kids, our grandkids, someone else’s kids, or all the kids of our nation or even of our world. Finals are stressful! The pressure’s on; let’s pray.

I’ve come up with two prompts for this particular prayer. First, whenever you see a Number 2 pencil, pray. You know why, I’m sure, so I won’t explain. But if you’re praying for a particular child on a particular set of days, put a Number 2 pencil where it doesn’t belong, where you’ll see it often, where it will remind you to pray. I’m taping one to the microwave just as soon as I finish writing this post. My boy’s finals start today!

Finals Prayer PromptYou’ll encounter the second prompt when you go shopping. Graduation cards, invitations, and decor displays are starting to show up everywhere. Congratulations Class of 2015! We’re so proud of you! We’ll be even more proud once it’s official. Before these kids (and young adults) can graduate, they have to pass their finals. Let’s let these store displays remind us to pray.

Father, a good education is so important. We want our kids to develop healthy minds, to learn all they’ll need to know to enjoy the blessings and responsibilities of adulthood. As this school year comes to a close, please remind us to pray. Please help our kids to remember all they’ve studied and to be pleased with the results of their efforts. Thank You, Lord! Amen.

For more prayer prompts to practice, read my new book, Parachute Prayer: The Practice of Praying Continually! Available here.


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  1. great ideas to remind us to pray. Once your out of the school system it’s so easy to forget these worries.

  2. What an excellent idea. I don’t have any children of my own but I have a couple of young family members that are graduating that I need to be praying for. Thanks for the reminder, Janet.
    Mary Collins recently posted…Marvelous Mondays for Free Books–May 4, 2015My Profile

  3. I love these ideas, Janet! I will be praying for my kids and all the kids in my youth ministry every time I see a pencil and any decor for graduation… thank you for this!
    Chris Carter recently posted…You Are Alive! Savor It…My Profile