Full Life

SnapdragonsThe thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” –John 10:10

Jesus came that we might have life–full life, also known as abundant life, life overflowing with blessings from above. When I think about this statement that Jesus made, I often think of eternal life–in Heaven, with Jesus, some day. But I think Jesus meant more than that. I know that life–with Him, on Earth, right now–is richer because of His presence. When I let Him, He helps me see troublesome things in a more positive way by reminding me that He’s in control and working for good in spite of the bad. Jesus also helps me enjoy the real significance of life’s blessings: they are gifts from Him.

Unfortunately, there is a thief out there waiting to steal, kill, and destroy my positive outlook and joy. He doesn’t want me to be happy, now or ever, and will grab any opportunity to mess with my friendship with Christ. When problems come, this con artist tries to discourage and depress. When all is well, he tries to make me forget from Whom the good times came.

Thankfully, Jesus warned us about this troublemaker as He promised full life. If we focus on Him, He’ll protect us from the thief. He’ll stand by us when life seems dark or sad. He’ll send reminders of His love through good and bad, surprising us with blessings we’d never expect. We need only look to Jesus to enjoy abundant life.

Jesus, You came to give me life–a life that begins right now! I’ll count on You to protect me from the thief, while thanking You for every good thing that I see. Your friendship comes first. Thank You, Lord! Amen.


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  1. Really like this – concentrate on Jesus’ love for us and that he promised us abundant and full life! Thanks!

  2. Ahhh. Nice uplifting words. I needed this today. Thank you, my friend.
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