Siesta Scripture Memory Team, Verse #6

Blue Pansies“Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?” –Matthew 7:10

It’s been a rough couple of months expectation-wise. More than one company I’ve trusted with my business has let me down. Disappointments: appointments missed, promises unkept. Frustration. Fear. Broken heart. In one case, it was like running downstairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought only to discover a lump of coal in my stocking. But I’ve been a very good girl. Sometimes life just is not fair.

That’s the beauty of Matthew 7:7-11. God promises that if we ask, we’ll receive. If we seek, we’ll find. If we knock, the door will be opened. No missed appointments or promises unkept. We can count on God, the one perfect Father, to provide us with everything we need. And we don’t have to worry about unwanted substitutions like snakes in place of fish or stones in place of bread or coal in place of a wanted gift. Our God only gives good things.

I’ve been talking to Him about these businesses that did not. They didn’t deliver, but God knows what’s going on. I know that since He allowed this, I can trust Him to make it right—in His way and in His time. Maybe He has a better means of meeting my needs. Or maybe I don’t need what I thought I did, so God is sparing me.

When I was a little girl, I used to order books from Scholastic through my school. (My kids all got to do this, too!) I remember one time when I ordered one book I really wanted but received another in its place. Scholastic said they’d run out of the book I wanted. Rather than refund my money, they sent a substitute—of their choice—in its place. I did not think that was fair and refused, for a long while, to read the book.

But it had a pretty cover. And it did sound intriguing. Eventually I gave in and read it. It turned out to be one of my favorite childhood books!

I’m not saying that what Scholastic did was right or fair. They were a business dealing with a customer. Their job was to provide what the customer ordered or refund the customer’s money if they could not. But God is a parent dealing with a child. When He makes substitutions, His decisions are always best, always right, always trustworthy. If I ask for a fish, He might say no—if it’s not good for me. But He won’t give a snake in its place. He’ll give something better—something I never imagined—something I really need.

I’m continuing my Siesta Scripture Memory Team challenge to memorize Matthew 7:7-29 plus the verses I’d already committed to memorize—and keep memorized— this year. It’s going slowly, but well! I’ve added 1 Corinthians 4:3 to Proverbs 16:33 and I’m keeping up with Matthew 7 so far, adding verse 10 this week. My newest memory trick is to place the verses on digital sticky notes on my computer screen.

  • What verses are you trying to memorize right now?
  • What new memory tricks have you invented to help yourself?

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