Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2014

Christmas! The time of year when we remember and celebrate the great lengths the one and only God of all Creation went to in order to enjoy a personal relationship with us. He loves us so much! If you get nothing else from this website, from the church you attend, from the Bible itself, this is what you need to know above all else. God loves you so much He sent His Son to make it possible for you to enjoy eternity with Him. (See John 3:16).That is a Truth worth celebrating on December 25–and all the other days of every year!

Christmas is also a time to celebrate with any and all loved ones who are able to gather together. Being a military spouse, I know it’s not always possible to gather everyone from everywhere, and so our family celebrates the holidays as they happen with whoever is around. Then we also celebrate just being together as often as that happens–holiday time or not. On this particular year, several get to gather, and so I’m taking a Christmas blogging break. I long to focus on my family.

Merry Christmas, dear reading friends! I pray you’ll draw closer than ever to Christ as you celebrate Him this year and then enjoy a happy entrance into 2015. I’ll be writing again by January 8th!

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