Book Review: “Love Without End”

Love Without EndI am ready to move to Idaho after reading Love Without End. In this sweet romance, Robin Lee Hatcher has invited readers to join her characters in a welcoming community. She’s placed city girl Kimberly Welch there, too, against her will and with a sullen teenage daughter. The community may be welcoming Kimberly, but she wants to go home to Seattle and plans to just as soon as she can find a job there.

Her daughter, Tara, has other plans. For the first time in her life, she has a horse—a gift from a friend. And local ranch owner, Chet Leonard, has offered to stable the horse and teach her how to ride and care for it. Tara only has eyes for her horse, and it belongs in Kings Meadow.

This is a story of God gently healing hurts and changing hearts, guiding people where they most truly want to be. I appreciated the pace. My favorite parts of the story, though, were the intermittent flashbacks into Anna’s life—a story within the story of God’s generous provision. Life doesn’t have to unfold as expected or planned to be good.

I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.


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