Book Review: “Motherless”

MotherlessErin Healy’s newest book, Motherless, is one of her best yet—one wide-eyed revelation after another to the end. But how do I review it without giving too much away? It’s a story of parents protecting their children. It’s a story of choosing to forgive, to be forgiven, to live in grace. It’s a story of secrets and lies and temptation and sin and misunderstandings and choices that demand to be revealed and redeemed. It’s the story of serious mental illness and its lingering effects on one challenged Central California family.

MotherlessIt’s also the story of an unusual chocolate shop! (Though I’ll have to take Healy’s word for it that some of those concoctions are edible. Alas, I’m as skeptical as some of her characters—without the opportunity to taste for myself. I may need to go out and hunt for such a chocolate shop.)

Motherless is an emotional, supernatural suspense story that changes direction with each revelation until it coasts to a beautiful stop. The setting is one people dream of, yet the characters whom readers can’t help but care for dwell in mild peril and complete confusion. The compassionate message is one all people live to hear. I thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for sending a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review. It’s one I’m telling people to read.


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