The Giving Prayer

Parachute PrayerI once read that Charles Spurgeon, a great Christian minister known for his amazing sermons, had an interesting practice of giving.* It was simple. Whenever he bought something, other than a necessity, for himself, he’d give an equal amount of money to someone else. For example, if he bought a book for himself with a cost of $13.00, he’d donate another $13.00 to charity. The purpose of the practice was to keep him from spending too much on himself while helping him remember to give generously to people in need.

Today, I’d like to suggest we turn the concept into a Parachute Prayer. Whenever we pray for ourselves, let’s take a little extra time to pray the same for someone else. For instance, if we’re praying about a personal health concern, let’s remember others with related concerns. If we’re praying about a financial need, let’s pray for people we know who are struggling financially. If we’re asking God to give us something or to help us solve a problem, let’s ask Him to do the same for someone else. If we’re praying for parenting wisdom, let’s pray for friends with kids.

God wants us to ask Him for the things we want and need. He also wants us to trust His wisdom in answering yes or no. He is our loving Father, Creator, and Provider. We show our confidence in Him when we take our concerns and desires to Him daily. But as we do, let’s take the concerns and desires of others to Him, too.

Father, Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.” And so, we bring our daily requests to You, knowing You will provide generously and with our best interests in mind. As we trust You for the concerns of our own lives, please remind us to entrust You with the cares of others, too. You have more than enough for all of us. Thank You for Your love above all. Amen.

*Note: I read this story a few years ago. I’m not sure what book I found it in. My memory says it was Charles Spurgeon, but it may have been another well-known minister of the time. The idea is what’s most important. Please forgive me if I’ve given credit to the wrong person.


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