Book Review: “The Princess Spy”

The Princess SpyI’ve been curious about Melanie Dickerson’s books for some time now. They’re all about fairy tales and princesses, so how could she go wrong? Now that I’ve read one, The Princess Spy, I see that her idea was even better than I’d thought. Dickerson has taken the fairy tale, removed the magic from it, and written a sweet, clean story about a girl and a boy (and their family and friends) trusting God to get them safely through a perilous circumstance. The Princess Spy is based on The Frog Prince. I wasn’t sure how this could be without magic to turn the prince into a frog, but Dickerson explained it logically as if a perfectly normal event occurred and later became a magical tale.

The story is set in Germany in 1413, so, technically, it’s historical fiction. Margaretha, the main character, is under pressure to marry but hasn’t found a suitor to capture her heart. She’s considering Lord Claybrook from England when Lord Colin shows up, seriously wounded and bearing alarming news. Margaretha must decide whether to trust him and act to save herself and her family or to ignore his warning, viewing it as confusion coming from an injured man.

How Margaretha and Colin overcome negative first impressions and begin to understand and appreciate one another is the bulk of the story. Margaretha reminded me of Disney’s Rapunzel, but you’ll have to read the book to find out why. I recommend this novel for young teenage girls and thank Zondervan for sending me a copy in exchange for this review.


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