Acts 10:43 on My Mind

NewOMM“He is the one all the prophets testified about, saying that everyone who believes in him will have their sins forgiven through his name.”Acts 10:43, NLT

God had to get creative in order to help Peter learn this lesson. It started with a vision of forbidden-to-be-eaten animals that a voice from Heaven ordered Peter to eat. God presented the vision three times.

While Peter was still trying to figure out what the vision meant, a group of Gentiles came to his door, asking Peter to be Cornelius’ house guest. Cornelius was a Gentile, but he had met the one, true God. He needed someone to introduce him to Jesus Christ, though, to welcome him into the Christian faith, so to speak. God told Cornelius to seek Peter; God prepared Peter’s heart for Cornelius. (You can read the whole story here at BibleGateway.)

You see, eating in a Gentile’s house was just as forbidden as eating the animals in Peter’s vision would have been. But Cornelius’ men arrived at just the right time for Peter to understand God’s message: Jesus came for everyone who believes in him! Peter’s words to Cornelius found in Acts 10:43 suggest to me that once Peter understood his vision, he came to see the testimony of the prophets (found in our Old Testament) in a whole new light, recognizing God’s desire to reach all people, not only the Jews.

As we grow closer to Christ throughout our lives, if we study God’s Word regularly, God’s Spirit will shed new light on familiar verses granting us deeper understand of God’s will and His ways, too. We put the information into our brains; God’s Spirit, at just the right time, reveals more of its truth.

That gives us two reasons to commit this verse to memory this week! First, we learn the verse so we’ll remember that salvation is available to everyone who believes, but like Cornelius, they can’t believe unless they hear the message from someone, perhaps from someone who looks like us.

Second, we learn the verse so we’ll remember why we study God’s Word each day. God may not always grant us new insights, but we can trust that He’s preparing our hearts for whatever understanding we will need, understanding that will come at just the right time.

Father, thank You for sending Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross and rise again, so that everyone who believes can be saved. This is the best news ever! Please give us the opportunity and the courage to share it as often as we can. We do want everyone to know.

And help us to study Your Word faithfully, knowing that Your Spirit will grant us all the understanding we need, right when we need it to fulfill Your purposes. What an honor it is to be used to further Your goals. We love You, Lord. Amen


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