Praying for People of Other Places

 photo 0390df65-96c3-4084-9efa-e09fd1ddaa87.jpgToday’s Parachute Prayer is simple: when you see pictures of famous landmarks, pray for the people of the city or country the landmark is located in. This includes seeing the picture on-line, on television, or used as décor in an office or home. It could also include seeing the landmark in person, if you are traveling. If you live near such a landmark, it can remind you to pray for your hometown. If you see a picture of the Eiffel Tower, pray for people who live in Paris or maybe all of France. If you see a picture of the Gateway Arch, pray for the people of St. Louis, Missouri.

This Parachute Prayer might tie in with the prayer for headlines. If you see the landmark in the news because of something happening in that city, you’ll know exactly what to pray about. But we know there are needs in every city, every country, whether they make the news or not. And God knows what these needs are. When we recognize a famous landmark, let’s take a moment to pray.

Father, help us to remember that people all over the world have problems and cares. Remind us to pray about these, and inspire our prayers that we’ll cover even unknown needs. Thank You, Lord. Amen.


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