Words Aptly Spoken to Help Us Forgive

Words Aptly Spoken“I release you from my hurt feelings. I free you from my reading of your motives. I withdraw my ‘justified’ outrage and leave you clean and happy in my mind. In place of censure, I offer you all of God’s deep contentment and peace. I will perceive you singing, with a soft smile of freedom and a glow of rich satisfaction. I bless you my brother [or sister]. You are a shining member of the Family of God, and I will wait patiently for this truthful vision to come honestly to my mind.” –From The Quiet Answer by Hugh Prather

I found this meditation in the devotional book I am reading this year: A Guide to Prayer for All God’s People by Rueben P. Job and Norman Shawchuck. I wanted to share it with you because it’s one of the most beautiful tools I’ve ever seen to help us through the often challenging process of forgiving an offense.

I don’t think I’d ever speak these exact words to someone, though that could be healing for both parties if one came to another seeking forgiveness for something especially hurtful. Rather, if I were praying about a need to forgive someone and found myself struggling to do so, asking God to help me with each element of this quote, daily if necessary, could really help me. Prather even ends the quote by saying, “I will wait patiently for this truthful vision to come honestly to my mind,” which leads me to believe this was his intent in writing it. (I’m adding his book, The Quiet Answer, to my TBR list, so that I can find out!)

The next time someone hurts your feelings or offends you in a way that requires forgiveness, place this meditation where you can see it daily, asking God to help you phrase by phrase so that your heart and, hopefully, the other’s will eventually be blessed with peace.

Father, when we cling to our hurt feelings, we build walls that entrap us. Please help us through the hard work of forgiveness, so we can be set free. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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