Praying for Healthy Growth

Parachute Prayer


“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”Luke 2:52

I’ve been praying Luke 2:52 for my children since they were born. I continue to pray it for them even now, though they’ve most likely reached their full stature by now. I want my children to grow like Jesus, and I know this is something God desires for them, too. Luke 2:52 covers every aspect of human growth:

In wisdom = mental growth
In stature = physical growth
In favor with God = spiritual growth
In favor with man = social growth

People who grow steadily in all four areas are well-rounded and healthy human beings indeed.

So let’s turn this verse into a Parachute Prayer!

First, if you haven’t done so already, commit the verse to memory. You’ll need to keep it in your brain for use whenever you’re reminded to pray this prayer. It’s an easy verse to memorize because it’s short and it’s a list. All you have to remember is that Jesus grew and that He grew in four ways: in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

Now here’s the trigger. Whenever we see a ruler or a measuring device of any kind, let’s let it remind us to pray. We can pray for our kids and/or grandkids, for our neighbors’ kids, for kids who go to our churches, for nieces and nephews, and for our kids’ friends.

We can also pray for grown-ups who are striving to grow in any of these areas. (When I do this, stature represents health in my prayer.) Until we reach Heaven, we all must strive to grow, prayerfully allowing God’s Spirit to make us more like Christ. So from now on, whenever we stop to measure something, let’s also pause to pray.

Father, thank You for making people able to grow, and thank You for Jesus’ example to follow. Please turn the measuring tools we use so often into reminders to pray about this process so crucial to all-around good health. Amen.


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