Separation Anxiety and Other Life Concerns

Finding Home


“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”1 Peter 5:7


Janet had a little dog
Whose fleece was white as snow,
And everywhere that Janet went
That dog was sure to go.

Moving often is hard on dogs, too. In his twelve years of life, our poor, little dog has moved five times, waited through two of my husband’s deployments, and waved good-bye as all three of his boys grew up and moved from home. As a result, he is suffering from a serious case of separation anxiety. It’s true! Seth researched it on-line. The Dog Whisperer and other experts agree, dogs can develop this disorder, too.

The result: Windsor now follows me all over the house all day. Turns out, this reluctant mama to a dog is his sole source of stability. He’s decided he’s not going to let me out of his sight. And when he doesn’t get his way on this matter, he throws himself up against closed doors, whimpers forlornly outside them, and throws temper-tantrums to rival that of any unhappy toddler.

Eighty-four in dog years? I do not think so.

DSC01938eMy husband thinks I should be greatly annoyed by Windsor’s behavior. Sometimes I am. But mostly, I feel sorry for him—especially on days when I move around a lot. He’ll just get comfortable, then I’ll go to another room. He’ll follow, find a corner, and fall asleep, then I’ll get up again. He’ll follow. If I do this enough in a day, he’ll eventually follow, stand in front of me, and look at me as if he’s asking if I plan to stay or not this time because why should he bother to relax if I’m not going to stay put.

I guess it’s the dog who gets greatly annoyed by his own behavior.

I wish I could do something to relieve his anxiety. But we’re still in the military. Windsor needs to get used to this.

Do all the changes of your life ever leave you feeling anxious? If so, 1 Peter 5:7 is a promise for you to claim. God is always with you, wherever you go. He doesn’t close doors or run errands or get tired of you following Him around. So when you feel anxious, take your cares to Him.

Close your eyes and picture yourself standing before Him, tossing your concerns, one at a time, right into His hands. Imagine Him smiling as He catches them, pleased that you are choosing to trust Him with them. Then picture how small they look as He holds them in contrast to how awkward and heavy they felt while gripped in your hands.

God wants to relieve your anxiety. When you feel its burden, stop what you are doing and cast it on Him.

Father, sometimes life’s changes overwhelm us. When this happens, remind us You are here. You love us. And You are big enough to handle anything we throw Your way. In fact, You knew before we did that the change was coming and that we would struggle with it. Therefore, You are prepared. We can trust You with everything! Thank You, Lord. Amen.


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