Praying for Churches in Headline Areas

Parachute PrayerI stumbled upon a new Parachute Prayer last week that I am so excited to share with you today. We were visiting a church in our community that we are blessed to attend from time to time. When the associate pastor stood up to pray, after a great time of worship through song, he took some time to pray for churches located near significant headlines of the previous week. For example, if he were to do that this week, he’d pray for churches in Northern California where the earthquake hit, churches in Iraq and Syria where all is in turmoil right now,  churches in Ukraine, Russia, Liberia, Iceland . . . you get the idea.

In previous Parachute Prayers, I’ve encouraged you to pray the headlines for those impacted by them and for rescue workers and decision makers involved in crises, but praying for nearby churches is a great idea, too! We may not be able to go to those places to help, comfort, and encourage, but the people of churches there can and are. And in some cases, they must risk their lives to do so.

When news headlines catch our attention, let’s whisper prayers for churches located nearby as we pray for victims, about conflicts, and for all people involved in trying to set things right again.

Father, when headlines break our hearts, please call us to pray. We aren’t there, but others are. Please use their hands, feet, voices, minds, and hearts to comfort, encourage, and mend as only You can. Amen.


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