The Biggest of All Blanket Prayers

Parachute Prayer“O God, creator of all humankind, I bring to you the cares and concerns of all your creatures. Look now to those who cry for help from every corner of the earth, for you alone are able to satisfy our deepest desires. Amen.” –from A Guide to Prayer for All God’s People by Reuben P. Job and Norman Shawchuck

My first thought when I read this prayer was, “Am I allowed to pray for such a thing?! That’s huge!”

Think about it: the cares and concerns of ALL God’s creatures—every person, every giraffe, every amoeba, every big and little, created thing! This has to be the biggest of all blanket prayers ever prayed.

But God knows the cares and concerns of every person, every giraffe, every amoeba—if amoebas are able to have cares and concerns. He even knows the cares and concerns of His creatures we haven’t discovered yet! And God, alone, is able to satisfy.

      • So when I pray that God will comfort, touch, encourage, and heal and family member with cancer, I pray He’ll do the same for all people who are suffering from the ravages of that disease and its treatment.
      • When I ask Him to protect my adult child who is traveling, I pray for all travelers everywhere.
      • When I pray for the homeless man holding a sign at the end of the freeway exit ramp, asking for work, food, or money, I pray for others like him, for anyone who is unemployed, hungry, or otherwise in need.
      • And when I ask God to help me follow Him carefully, discovering His purpose for my life each day, I ask Him to do this for my siblings in faith, too.

When we see a specific need, we can stop and pray for it right away. (In fact, we don’t even have to stop. We can pray as we go about our business.) Then we can follow that targeted prayer with general petition, knowing that God knows all the needs of all His creatures. He alone is able to provide.

Lord, thank You for hearing our prayers, big and small. Call us to pray often, to be in constant communication with You. We love You, and we know You love us, too. In confidence we bring our cares and concerns, along with the cares and concerns of all your creatures before You. Please satisfy those deep desires as only You can. Amen.


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