Book Review: Framing Faith

Framing FaithOn the day that I went to the BookLook Blogger site and chose this book for review, I actually had my eye on another title. But this one that I’d never even heard of jumped out at me instead and demanded my attention. I’m so glad it did! I loved the thoughts contained in this book; I will definitely read it again.

I realize that it might not be everyone’s kind of read, but, if you enjoy seeking God in the ordinariness of life, discovering connection between random events and God’s attempts to communicate with you, you will appreciate Matt Knisely’s insights, presented through the eyes and words of a photojournalist.

The book is divided into three sections: Focus, Capture, and Develop. Each of these sections contains chapters related to that aspect of photography in turn relating the word to life. I really appreciated the descriptions of each chapter included in the Table of Contents. These helped me to better understand and focus on each of Knisely’s points. Bible study, quotations from well-known authors, and the author’s personal experiences turned into analogies also made his message clear. Each new chapter built upon the last, bringing the overall purpose of the book to light.

If you’re looking for inspiration to live in the moment and see God in new ways, at work everywhere, I recommend Framing Faith to you. I especially recommend it to photographers, writers, artists, and storytellers of all kinds.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.


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