Standing Firm in Your True Citizenship

Finding Home“But our citizenship is in heaven.”Philippians 3:20

A few days ago, a Facebook friend posted a link to a quiz that I just had to take. The quiz claimed that in ten questions it could tell me just how Californian I am.

I already know that I am 100% Californian. Not only was I born and raised there, but through my mother’s side of the family, I’m a fourth generation Californian. I may be moving all over the world courtesy of the United States Army, but my California roots run deep. No quiz can argue with that.

But this quiz did. It wasn’t that I didn’t know the answers. In fact, I knew just what answers to give in order to get that stereotypical 100% endorsement, but they wouldn’t have been truthful answers either for me or for most of the other Californians I know from all over the state. And so, I only earned a 60% on that silly quiz—possibly made up by someone born and raised in New York State. Judging by the comments left by others who had taken the quiz, I wasn’t the only Californian who disagreed with the ten question assessment of their heritage.

I am okay with that. I know where I come from.

But today I saw another quiz on Facebook that promised to tell me how Southern I am. Being a displaced Californian who has lived in the South for six years now, seven if Texas counts, I decided to try that quiz. (Yes. I am a sucker for silly quizzes.) Again, I answered truthfully despite knowing the correct answers to most of the questions. (I’m still not sure what pig pickin’ is; I don’t think I want to, come to think of it. And I never drink sweet tea unless it’s artificially sweetened. I am a Californian, after all. Would you believe diet cokes weren’t even given as options on this quiz?! Note: diet coke is intentionally lower case. My fellow Californians know why.)

In any case, it turns out, according to that quiz, that I am 63% Southern.

I am so confused!

How does one score a 63% on a ten question quiz? Did they give partial credit for some of the answers?

More disturbing: how is it that I am now 123% of a person?

And how will things add up if I take quizzes for Maine, New York, or the Netherlands? I think the math alone disproves the validity of the quizzes. Percentages of a whole must always add up to 100%.

I think I’ll just stop taking those Facebook quizzes (until the next one comes along) and rejoice in the fact that my true citizenship isn’t really in any of those places. My citizenship is in Heaven with Jesus, my Lord. I hope that yours is, too!

There’s only one question we have to answer correctly in order to know that this is 100% true:

  • Have you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of Your life for all eternity?

If you have, we’re fellow citizens in God’s Kingdom! If you haven’t, you’re only one prayer away. Click here to learn more!

Jesus, thank You for making it possible for us to join your Kingdom. Please help us to appreciate and celebrate our citizenship every day! And, if anyone is reading this who hasn’t yet trusted in You, please open their hearts and minds. Draw them in Lord. Invite them to know You and bask in Your forever love. For the glory of Your name and the good of all. Amen.


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