Keeping Imagination in Its Place

Life gave me reason to worry today.

Jesus said, “Do not!”

The facts I have say that if everything went according to plan, then all should be okay. The facts I have give me no reason to worry.

My imagination, however, is trying to tell me all the things that might have gone wrong. It wants me to worry.

DSC01608eTruth: My imagination doesn’t know anything. My imagination makes things up.

Therefore, I will ignore it.

I will wait.

I will pray.

I will give my imagination something else to do. Something it was intended to do! Something productive and creative and beneficial to this life we’re all living.

Worry is a poor use of the gift of imagination.

I will anchor my mind in the facts, trust God with them, and go on about my day. I will pray whenever my imagination tempts me to worry.

What’s that? An e-mail! All is well.

Thank You, Lord. Amen.


Janet Benlien Reeves

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