Reflections on Reading for a Restful Day

Books!Well, I didn’t end up resting as much as I’d hoped yesterday, so I’m trying again today. Don’t worry, though! I have three blog posts wandering around in my head that I hope to move onto the computer screen next week in the form of a short series. I’ve been reading through Isaiah and am finding some serious words to ponder there!

I’m just playing today, though (while the washing machine does my laundry . . .) I found this fun quiz for book lovers at Books and Beverages. Since talking about reading is almost as much fun as reading itself, here are my answers:

What are your top three book pet hates?

  1. Finding folded corners in place of bookmarks
  2. Receiving a used book ordered on-line that was labeled Like New but looks like it’s been through the washer a few times
  3. Having books that are part of a series in different formats (hardback, paperback, digital) instead of all matched

Describe your perfect reading spot.
A comfy couch by a window with lots of sunshine coming through

Tell us three book confessions.

  1. When I was in high school, I folded corners instead of using bookmarks. (I’d seen somebody do that on TV. I don’t remember who it was, but she was a bad influence.)
  2. I don’t go to the library very often, but getting a new library card is always a top priority whenever I move to a new home. If I have access to a community’s library, I know I belong. (I wrote more about this in one of the devotionals in my book for women who move often, Home Is Where God Sends You: Lessons in Contentment from Nearby and Faraway.)
  3. I love Kindle Freebies, but they are usually last priority on my TBR list. Books I’ve promised to review come first, then books I chose to purchase. This tends to be true even if the Kindle Freebie is one I would have purchased had I not found it for free.

When was the last time you cried during a book?
I was reading A Beauty So Rare by Tamera Alexander. In one scene, a main character is forced to institutionalize her father who suffers from dementia, and he becomes angry and violent because of it. The injustice of the situation, the girl’s pure motives being so misunderstood by the one she was trying to help, broke my heart. I had to set the book down and come back to it on another day.

How many books are on your bedside table?
None. I have little piles of books-in-progress scattered all around the house, but there are none on my nightstand.

What is your favorite snack while you’re reading?
I rarely eat while I read. How would I turn the pages? I do drink coffee while I’m reading, though.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone.
Besides The Bible, I recommend Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris, The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence, and Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. (That’s right! I did it! Just three!!!! If you want more recommendations, though, visit my GoodReads page.)

Show us a picture of your favorite bookshelf on your bookcase.
One shelf? One bookcase? I don’t understand the assignment.

Write how much books mean to you in just three words.
God. People. Books.

What is your biggest reading secret?
I have a carefully developed system for managing my TBR list and its sub-lists and for choosing which books to read when. It’s kind of like a food pyramid for my reading diet, existing to make sure I don’t ingest only dessert (Christian fiction) but read a little bit of everything I love: biographies, classics, Christian non-fiction, writing, and psychology.

  • How would you answer some of these questions? Any book confessions of your own to make? Feel free to leave comments about your own reading habits. I look forward to reading them!

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  1. Love this post! Reading Brother Lawrence now and have read Foster a hundred years ago…;)
    Dawn Paoletta (@breathoffaith) recently posted…Things to Know about 21 Days of Journaling in JuneMy Profile

    • Thank you, Dawn! I hope you’re enjoying The Practice of the Presence of God. Celebration of Discipline is still relevant! I’m reading Foster’s book on Prayer now. Have a blessed weekend!