Book Review: All Right Here

All Right Here is a story that caught me by surprise–I love it when books do that! What I mean is that the story is unique, yet charming–and full of hope. I really enjoyed reading it.

All Right Here is the story of Ivy Darling and her family. She’s married to Nick, who has a mother who dotes on him and three sisters who refuse to accept Ivy as part of their family. Ivy also has three sisters. She also has an older brother. I believe we’ll be learning more about these siblings in future books about the Darling Family.

Ivy and Nick can’t have children of their own and are considering adoption. When Ivy discovers that the three children next door have been abandoned by their mother, however, she takes them into her home and convinces Nick to let them stay until the situation is resolved. Nick is willing to let them stay, but he refuses to even consider the possibility of accepting them into his family permanently. The situation forces first Ivy, and then Nick, to face truths about their marriage and within their own hearts that must be resolved for the existence of their love.

Personally, I loved the way that Ivy related to everyone in her world. She’s a character of patience, love, and grace. When circumstances tempt her to harden her heart, God confronts her and she responds in a beautiful way. Her insights in that climactic passage alone make the book worth reading, though the whole story is beautifully done. I’m looking forward to reading future books by Carre Armstrong Gardner and recommend this one to anyone who enjoys ordinary stories about ordinary people just learning to get along. I thank Tyndale House Publishers for sending me a free copy of All Right Here in exchange for this review.


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