Evidence That Our Prayers Matter

Azalea 'Hinodegiri'“The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.”Psalm 121:7-8

I read this Psalm a few days ago during my morning quiet time. As I did, I felt deeply impressed to pray for my son Alex. I prayed that God would keep him from all harm and watch over his life, over his coming and going. Then I went on to pray for the rest of my family, but the impression that I needed to keep praying for Alex held firm. It was as if God were saying, “Go ahead and pray for those people, too, but today I want your focus on your middle son.”

Later that day, Alex called me. We talked about several events of his day, and he asked if he could join us for dinner. We made plans, then he said, “Oh, by the way, I was hit by a car today.”

Oh, by the way?! I probably would have led with that.

A lady making a right turn on red accelerated while looking to her left, not seeing my son entering the intersection to her right. One moment he was riding his bike, the next he was lying on the ground halfway underneath her car. Thankfully, he walked away from the accident with only a few bruises. He says the lady was pretty shaken up. (His mommy was, too, and, at first, she wanted to go shake the lady up more.)

The next morning I opened my Bible and saw the verses I’d been prompted to pray the day before. I’d highlighted them and written, “Pray for Alex” in the margin. I thanked God, again, for protecting my son.

Prayer is a mysterious gift. I don’t always understand it, but I know God calls us to it, and I know that when He gets specific, He means business. We don’t always get to see the why’s of such calls to prayer, but we must trust there is a reason and obey. I’d like to share a few thoughts born of this week’s experience:

1. If God knew that Alex was in danger and planned to protect him, as He evidently did in calling me to pray, was my prayer even necessary? Would the outcome have been different if I’d ignored His prompting? Personally, I don’t believe so, but I don’t really know for sure. All I know is that God wanted me to pray for Alex that morning. Then He answered that prayer. The why of it remains a mystery.

2. Whether or not it made a difference for Alex, I do know it made a difference for me! What a comfort for this mother’s heart not only to know by faith that God is watching over my son but also to see Him in action on that son’s behalf!

3. As I share it, this blessing is extended to you. Keep reading your Bible; God speaks through it to you. Keep praying for your loved ones; God loves them, too. Keep seeking Him, keep trusting; He is at work in our world. His ways are often mysterious, but they’re perfect–whether or not we understand. We can’t yet see His face, and people rarely hear an audible voice, but He communicates just the same. Psalm 121 tells us He’s watching, but He also wants a close relationship with us. The means for such is there–Bible reading and prayer. Our part is to practice these regularly, believing in faith that these really do matter to God, to our loved ones, to ourselves, to the whole world!

Father, thank You again and again and again for protecting Alex. I’m so thankful to know You are watching over his life and the lives of all my family and friends. You care about Your Creation. You communicate with us, too. Call me often to study my Bible and pray. I love living life with You! Amen.


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