A Wildflower Declaration with an Invitation for You

Warning: This post may be a little random. I have a declaration to share and an invitation for you. My thoughts may wander as I try to explain. That’s okay today! Wildflowers tend to grow wherever they please.DSC01419e

And this post is all about collecting wildflower thoughts to grow our faith.

I’ve been a little frustrated since I launched this blog last October, but I only figured out why a few weeks ago. It’s so obvious, I feel a little silly. Here’s why:

When I launched Wildflower Faith, I wanted to do this blog the right way. Blogging experts seemed to emphasize the need for a schedule, for regular features, for predictability. So I came up with a schedule of regular features to share with you predictably.

I soon discovered, though, that what was on my heart on any given day didn’t always fit my blog’s schedule. I’d have one message on my heart and another that I had planned to write and only enough time to write one of the two. If I chose to stick to my schedule, I’d try to write the other at a later time. But it wouldn’t be quite the same. If I chose to write what was on my heart, I’d be pleased with the result, but I’d still feel like I let you, my readers, down on some level. I’m pretty sure that was false guilt, but the perfectionist in me felt it just the same.

As I wrestled with this dilemma, God gently drew my attention to the name of this blog: Wildflower Faith. Then He drew my attention to the header. You know what? Those are cultivated flowers pictured there!

I was aware of that fact when I designed the header, but I really liked those flowers, and I pretty much take pictures of whatever flowers I happen to find anywhere. So I was okay with that little inconsistency.

May 1 2014 QuoteBut now I’m not. That header will be going away sometime in the next few days. And my blog cultivation schedule is going away effective immediately!

To be honest, I’m pretty sure the only change you’ll notice is the disappearance of On My Mind Mondays. That’s the only feature I’ve been truly consistent with schedule-wise. (That’s because, given the choice, I tend to choose my heart over my schedule most of the time.) I do believe in the importance of Bible memory, though. From now on, when I write about single Bible verses in an On My Mind kind of way, I will label those posts for that category to encourage you to keep on memorizing God’s Word. I just won’t do this every Monday.

As for other features, I will keep writing all of them. But not necessarily in a predictable way. From here on out, I will always choose to write what’s on my heart over what’s on my schedule. As far as life itself is concerned, that’s not always the best way to go. God usually expects us to make disciplined choices. Discipline leads to wisdom and maturity. The discipline part of this blog will be my commitment to writing here regularly. The content, however, will be dictated by the heart. This blog is where I share mine.

Parachute PrayerICThat said, there is still a time and a place for cultivation–whether we’re talking about flowers or faith. The various spiritual disciplines available to us are gifts from God to help us with this. In 2008, I started writing Parachute Prayers (originally on an older blog) to help us cultivate the practice of praying continually. (Watch for my book on this discipline, coming soon!)

This week, I’ve started something new:

QTH 4If you follow me on Google+ or Facebook, you may have noticed my Quiet Time Headlines. My goal with these is to help myself become more intentional about watching for God’s messages for me as I read His Word and pray each morning. Often, as I move from one passage or study guide to another, I’ll stumble across a theme. I pray about these and try to put them into concise terms that I’ll remember as I go about my day. It occurs to me that you might benefit from this, too. And so, I’m posting them on Google+ and Facebook.

Some of these headlines may be so involved that I’ll decide to develop them into blog posts to share here. Others may prompt questions for discussion that I’ll share along with the headlines themselves. Some days, I may just post one simple thought or Bible verse. Then again, there may be days when God says, “No lessons today, child. Let’s just enjoy each other’s company.” There may be days when the message is just for me. There will be days when life gets in the way. In other words, I reserve the right to not post these every single day, but I will post them as often as I can.

I invite you not only to read the headlines I share but also to share your own as comments on the Google+ or Facebook posts. If God is speaking to your heart, then you have something to say–and we’ll all benefit from pondering the words you contribute. Let’s help each other to be more intentional about claiming truths to carry with us all throughout each day!

Thank you for reading my ramblings, declaration, and invitation today! I’ll be back with a regular, devotional post soon. Blessings to you!

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