Watching and Walking with Prayer

Parachute PrayerI have two, closely-related Parachute Prayers for you today. The first comes from a long-time habit of mine. Whenever a family member leaves the house, I watch from the window until he drives from sight. Knowing where this person is going, I can pray for him and about the planned activity, whatever it is. (I can also pray for his safety.) That’s today’s Parachute Prayer #1: When family members leave the house, we can watch them go and pray.

The second is for ourselves. When we go to events such as Bible study, meetings, coffees, and such, we can pray for ourselves and the event, whatever it is, as we walk from our cars to the building. We can pray for friends who will be there, about topics we’ll be studying or discussing, for teachers, speakers, leaders, and participants. We can thank God for His Presence and ask for His blessing. Parachute Prayer #2: When we attend events, we can walk in and pray.


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