Book Review: Life Support

Life Support by Candace Calvert is the third book in her Grace Medical series. I’ve enjoyed all three and am happy to recommend them to readers who enjoy Christian fiction, medical drama, a touch of mystery, and, of course, a little romance.

In Life Support, we follow Nurse Lauren Barclay, whom we met in Rescue Team, from Austin, Texas to Houston, where she has returned home to help her parents keep track of her troubled younger sister, Jess. Lauren has her own apartment but has moved in with her parents and sister in order to keep up with their increasing demands.

One of those demands is that she keep her sister away from the infamous physician assistant they hold responsible for Jess’s latest crisis, Eli Landry. Unfortunately, Eli works in the same hospital as both Lauren and Jess. His brother’s need for constant medical care, often in the emergency room, makes avoiding each other impossible.

The story itself is both suspenseful and fun, but I really appreciate the underlying theme: people learning to care for people both as needed and appropriately. Throughout the book, we encounter one person after another caring for someone who can’t or won’t care for himself or herself. Parents caring for children. Siblings caring for siblings. Spouses. Friends. Professionals such as medical personnel, police, chaplains, and care givers. Some must realize they’re doing too much. Some are forced to do more than they want to. Some are abused for their efforts. Most just want what’s best for the person they love but struggle to know what that is. All must learn to trust God, the One Who’s able to meet all needs in the best way possible.

Candace Calvert, the author, is a former ER nurse, so her novels give readers an insider view. I thank Tyndale House Publishers for sending me a complimentary copy of Life Support for my review.


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