Psalm 18:33 on My Mind

NewOMMLast week I invited you to join me in five weeks with Psalm 18:32-36. We focused on verse 32. Today we’re adding verse 33:

“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.”Psalm 18:33

Last week I told you that I love this passage because in it, David gives God credit for everything! When we meditate, like David did, on all that God does for us, it’s like wrapping oneself up in a warm, comforting, and secure blanket entirely of God!

Today’s verse focuses on the stability we find in God. Sometimes when we follow Him, He leads us through frightening terrain. Yet He makes us able to handle the journey. He makes our feet like the feet of a deer–sure and steady and able to walk where no person can go. Then God causes us to stand on the heights–able to see where we came from below, yet ever closer to our Lord. When we trust Him by following His lead, He takes us where we’re meant to go.

  • He arms us with strength.
  • He keeps our way secure.
  • He makes our feet like those of a deer.
  • He causes us to stand on the heights.

Father, it’s looking like You do all the work! Thank You for Your care, Your provision, Your protection, and Your presence. We love You, Lord! Amen.

If you need a refresher course on verse 32, click here to view it at To see the whole passage there, click here.


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