Book Review: At Peace in the Storm

Books!At Peace in the Storm by Ken Gire is a short, practical, and comforting read. Only 163 pages, each of the thirteen chapters plus an introduction are only about ten pages long. Each chapter focuses on a means God has provided for those braving the storms of life to find peace. This is comforting because when there’s nothing for us to do but ride out the terrifying storm, there is something we can do. We can cling to God’s calming presence and experience His peace. Gire explains how, exploring one different way in each chapter of the book.

Each of these chapters opens with a quote relative to the topic by someone fairly well-known. Each ends with a relevant Bible verse. Throughout each chapter Gire leads readers to look closely at Bible characters, Christians from history, people he has known, and his own experiences in order to bring clarity to his ideas. He not only leads readers to seek peace through traditional spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, fellowship, service, and music but also through perspective, listening, rest, books, recreation, and more. As he guides readers through each chapter, Gire shows readers how to experience God’s peace for themselves and how to help others in stormy seasons to find it as well.

I recommend this book to anyone enduring a life-season of bad weather. As the subtitle says, At Peace in the Storm can help such readers to experience the Savior’s presence when they need Him most.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for this review.


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