Book Review: Dancing with Fireflies

Books!Dancing with Fireflies is the second book in Denise Hunter’s Chapel Springs Romance series. In the first book, Barefoot Summer, readers met the McKinley Family of Chapel Springs. The story focused on Madison McKinley yet also introduced us to Jade, the independent, yet troubled sister who has broken everyone’s heart by moving to Chicago without a face-to-face good-bye or explanation. The family assumes she left because of a broken heart.

Dancing with Fireflies completes the story. The results of a traumatic experience draw Jade back to Chapel Springs where she hopes to set down permanent roots and start her family. She insists on doing this, however, all by herself. Longtime friend of the family, Daniel Dawson, quickly learns her secrets, though, and decides he must help her, while keeping secrets of his own. Pretty soon, the two are no longer dancing with fireflies, but dancing around truth, trying not to hurt anyone, while spreading confusion and pain all around.

Jade is a charming and unpredictable character. Daniel, so serious and down to earth, is her perfect match. I loved reading their story. Hunter is very skilled at not drawing one issue out for too long, while introducing new ones to keep the story going. It certainly held my interest! I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series–and can’t wait to see which member of the family or cast it’s about!

I thank HarperCollins Christian Publishing for sending me a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.


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