Book Review: Wildwood Creek

Books!Lisa Wingate’s Wildwood Creek is one of those two-fer books I’m really coming to enjoy: two stories in one book, one contemporary–one historical, tied together by location, circumstances, and mystery. In Wildwood Creek, readers are introduced to Bonnie Rose in the first chapter and meet Allie Kirkland in the next. As the two stories run parallel, readers bounce back and forth between them.

Bonnie Rose is a young woman in the civil war era trying to hide a dark secret while starting a new life far away from the old one. Orphaned and raising her younger sister, she has taken a job as a schoolteacher in the settlement of Wildwood. Unfortunately, this new community has dark secrets of its own. Bonnie and her sister will be challenged to survive.

Present day Allie Kirkland is a young woman trying to follow in her father’s footsteps in the television industry. Working her way through college, she finds a summer job as a production assistant for a reality TV show. Participants will be reenacting life in the legendary Wildwood settlement. While trying to keep her finicky supervisor happy, Allie will find herself deeply engrossed in the mystery of Bonnie Rose.

I enjoyed reading both stories. There were a few tense moments and a surprise or two along the way. I highlighted several passages toward the end as the characters starting gaining insight into what they had been through. Both stories ended just right.

Bethany House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review. I thank them for the opportunity to read Wildwood Creek.


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