Hebrews 10:23 on My Mind

NewOMM“Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise.” –Hebrews 10:23, NLT

Though we can’t always understand God’s ways or His timing, one thing we can always know is that God will keep His promises. We can trust Him completely to do everything He has promised to do.

Therefore, whenever we’re called to pray about something long-term, no end in sight, we can encourage ourselves to hang in there and keep on praying by seeking out promises that we can cling to, by carefully studying God’s Word.

In Hebrews 10, the author is doing just that. The people are becoming discouraged as they suffer under great persecution. The author reminds them that God has promised them a great reward for their patient endurance (v. 35-36). Christ, who died for their salvation, is coming back to take faithful believers to their future home (v. 34, 39). The author of Hebrews quotes promises from Deuteronomy and Habakkuk in order to give the people solid hope to cling to.

None of those believers lived long enough on earth to see those promises fulfilled, but those who hung in there, as the author encouraged them to, will see it all happen someday, just as we will, in God’s perfect timing. Hebrews 10:23 assures us all will be well. God keeps His promises.

And His Word is full of them! To encourage us all through this life. To give us something to hold tightly as we prepare to journey into Eternity with Christ.

This doesn’t mean we can take the Bible’s promises out of context and twist their meaning in order to manipulate God into giving in to something we want Him to do for us now. He wouldn’t fall for that kind of thing anyway. Yet we can carefully study what the Bible has to say, pray over passages that give us hope and build our confidence, and trust God to do everything He plans to just perfectly.

When life tempts us to give up or give in, let’s choose to hold tightly to hope by seeking to understand all that God has promised in the Bible, His Word.

Father, lead us to the verses we need to see. Use Your written word to speak truth to us each day. Help us to understand Your teaching that we’ll come to know and fully trust You. The Bible says You keep Your promises. I’ll believe this, Lord, as I continue to wait and pray. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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