Book Review: Princess Ever After

Books!I just finished reading the second book in Rachel Hauck’s Royal Wedding Series, and I loved it even more than the first. Princess Ever After is a sweet romance, just as the title and beautiful cover artwork would lead you to expect, yet, just as in the first book of the series, there’s a distinct—even profound—Christian message contained in its pages, too. (I’ll give you a hint: this has to do with leadership choices made by Kings David and Saul.)

I was totally surprised at the story told in this second book. I had anticipated another based on characters from the first, Once Upon a Prince. I’m hoping this means there will be a third to tell that story, but I really liked this one—also foreshadowed in the first, I realize in hindsight.

Princess Ever After is the story of Regina Beswick, a former CPA turned auto restoration expert, Southern girl through and through. She thinks she’s got her life all figured out until Tanner Burkhardt shows up for pizza night at the barn to tell her she’s really the last living heir to the ancient nation of Hessenberg and that she needs to drop her known life, claim her heritage, and save her country before it ceases to exist—whether she wants to or not, the people are counting on her!

Becoming a princess is hard work.

I thank Zondervan Publishers for sending me a complimentary copy of this book for my review. If you’re a fan of happily ever after, I recommend this one to you.


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