Praying for Prior Occupants

Parachute PrayerDo you like my new Parachute Prayer header? New blog—new header for this regular feature. I’m excited about this!

In case you didn’t follow me here from Wildflower Thinking where I first launched Parachute Prayers, let me redefine them for you before I launch into today’s:

The parachute in a Parachute Prayer is like the parachute on a dandelion—the white fluffy thing that carries the seeds far and away, so the dandelion can procreate. Some people call these parachutes Dandelion Dust. And, though the process drives those who are obsessive/compulsive about their perfect lawns crazy, I think dandelion parachutes are a brilliant example of our Creator’s ingenuity. In my opinion, dandelions are wildflowers. They are not weeds.

So, when I see something that prompts me to pray—whether it’s for something general or specific, big, small, near or far—I whisper a prayer, or two or three, just as I’d gently blow the parachutes off a dandelion. Then I trust God to do with it what He will. That is the essence of Parachute Prayer.

Today’s Parachute Prayer prompt is for the prior occupants of our homes. Unless you happen to live in a brand new home, someone else inhabited your current space before you did. (And, even if you’re in a new home, someone, at some time, probably lived on your land, somehow.)

From time to time, you may come across evidence of your home’s prior occupant. For instance, my husband and I know that the man who lived in our home before we did enjoyed woodworking and considered himself to be something of a handy man. He left a beautiful bookcase that he’d built behind for us to enjoy. He also had a tendency to Mickey-Mouse things that needed to be repaired. Mickey-Mousing is a useful skill—until the something you Mickey-Moused has to be repaired again and someone else has to figure out what you did, so they can undo it, then Mickey-Mouse a new repair of their own. Mickey-Mousing reminds us of our homes prior occupant.

Does anybody know why we call it Mickey-Mousing? I’d really hate to think that we’re insulting the world’s favorite mouse.

Back to the Parachute Prayer: when you come across something that reminds you your current home had a previous occupant, pray for that person and his or her family. You may receive a piece of mail to return or find something left behind in the attic or on a high closet shelf. Maybe this person added a unique, yet permanent, personal touch. When you notice these, take a moment to pray.

You may not know the people who once lived in your home, but God does. He also knows their needs. A whispered prayer may make a difference in ways you’ll never know.

Father, I know the man who built my bookshelves has gone on to eternity, yet his family lives on—and they were so proud of him. Help them to follow his example, leaving legacies of their own. And, if any among them don’t know You, please open their eyes and their hearts to You. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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