Celebrating Christmas Love

“God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them.” –1 John 4:16

Words Aptly SpokenAndrew Murray said that love “is the deep desire to give itself for the beloved. Love finds its joy in imparting all that it has to make the loved one happy.”

As we prepare for Christmas this year, that seems especially profound to me. Truly, God, Who is love, gave Himself—His whole self—for us. And it wasn’t because He wanted us to do something for Him, but because He loves us. He offers us eternal happiness in Him—in the only place where we can find such joy. God desired to give Himself for us. God finds joy in giving all He has to make us happy, not happy in the ways of the world, but happy forever, for real. That’s why John says, “God is love.” God’s very Being defines the word.

So as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth by opening our own carefully chosen gifts of love to one another, let’s remember our greatest gift: God Himself in the form of true love. Let’s find time to bask in that love–to let God fill our hearts and dwell within that His love will spill out to everyone around. God will help us desire to give of ourselves for our loved ones—to impart all we have to make each other happy in Him. We live in love; we live in God. And God, Who is love, lives in us.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Janet Benlien Reeves

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